Source code for tmxlib.image

"""Image loading

The :func:`` function provides a high-level interface to
reading images.


from __future__ import division

_builtin_open = open

image_classes = []
    from tmxlib import image_pil
except ImportError:  # pragma: no cover

from tmxlib import image_png

preferred_image_class = image_classes[0]

[docs]def open(filename, trans=None, size=None): """Open the given image file Uses ``preferred_image_class``. :param filename: Name of the file to load the image from :param trans: Optional color that should be loaded as transparent .. note:: Currently, loading images that use color-key transparency is very inefficient. If possible, use the alpha channel instead. :param size: Optional (width, height) tuple. If specified, the file will not be read from disk when the image size needs to be known. If and when the image is loaded, the given size is checked and an exception is raised if it does not match. :return: An :class:`~tmxlib.image_base.Image` Note that the file is not opened until needed. This makes it possible to use maps and tilesets that refer to nonexistent images. """ cls = preferred_image_class return cls(trans=trans, size=size, source=filename)