Source code for tmxlib.draw

"""Drawing commands

Operations on a Canvas may be specified by command objects.
This allows one to flexibly filter or modify a stream of drawing operations.

from __future__ import division

from tmxlib import helpers

[docs]class DrawCommand(object): """A draw command """
[docs] def draw(self, canvas): """Apply this operation to the given Canvas""" raise NotImplementedError('DrawOperation.draw() is abstract')
[docs]class DrawImageCommand(DrawCommand): """Command to draw an image init arguments that become attributes: .. attribute:: image The image to draw .. attribute:: pos Position at which to draw the image. Will also available as ``x`` and ``y`` attributes. """ x, y = helpers.unpacked_properties('pos') def __init__(self, image, pos=(0, 0), opacity=1): self.image = image self.pos = pos self.opacity = opacity
[docs] def draw(self, canvas): canvas.draw_image(self.image, self.pos, opacity=self.opacity)